Freitag, 27. Mai 2011

[Bento] My first Bento :D

Yeah here comes my first Bento (with my first box Naseba Naru), created on thursday and prepared an wednesday. :D Because it is for a contest, I decided to write this text in english too. ;) I am sure this first Bento is not a perfect one, but I did my best and try not to be such perfektionistic. (And oh oh I hope my english is not that bad. XD) But I think this Bento made a lot of fun. <3

Here comes the Super Mario Summer Bento! ;) Do you know the angry sun level? :D

And because it's so much fun, we made a little photoshooting to celebrate the Bento. :D Also we wanted to make a little picnic, but unfortunately it was to windy. ;(

So and what is the box made of? :D

- Strawberry Hearts: Wash strawberries and cut them in half, then form them into a heart form with a knife or mold.

- Kiwi Flowers: Peel the kiwi, cut it into slices and form it into a flower with a knife or mold.

- Apple Bunny: Wash an apple, cut it into quarters and remove the core. Cut a "V" in the quarter and peel the shell carefully (here you find my detailed instruction).

- yellow jelly with colorful donut-sprinkles: Put the jelly into a nice form (when it's liquid), let it cool down and spread the sprinkles below.


- Pork Rolls and Cheese Stars: Roll carrot sticks and beans into a small steak and wrap a ham with cream cheese and basil around (fix with toothpick). Then fry in a pan. Cut out small cheese stars and fix the sesam eyes with some honey.

- Cheese blocks: Cut blocks out of cheese and decorate with some nori (seaweed).

- Sun: Cut a sun out of cheese und overlay it with a slice of egg yolk. Then cut out eyes and mouth and decorate with nutella.

- Radish mushroom: Carve a mushroom out of a radish and fix the sesam eyes with some honey. Here you find a little instruction.

- Flowers: Carve flowers out of carrot, bean and salad. For the carnivorous flower cut a tomato, egg white, bean and salad and arrange them. Decorate with some black sesam and fix with honey.

The background is made of blue rice (dyed), salad and tamago (egg).

I also decided to take part on a contest with this bento. :) So wish me luck! ;)

… Because there is always a reason to make a bento!

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Kitty's Kitchen hat gesagt…

Really is your first one?
Unbelievable! Nice prentation (soo cute!) very tasty the ingredients.
Thank you very much for you partecipation! See you

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